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Optimal Software Solutions
Optimal Software Solutions has successfully designed, developed and implemented custom software solutions for hundreds of clients around the world...

Our highly trained consultants have numerous years of experience in successfully managing IT projects. Our focus is sound project management through people, processes and tools... in that order.

People - Lets face it, it takes good people and proper training to achieve the goals of any merchandising project. We understand leadership, training and TEAMwork.

Processes - Good processes enable people to perform consistently, efficiently and with attention to software quality. We understand organizational planning, project management, and software development methodologies.

Tools - Finally, tools allow executives, functional managers and project managers to effectively manage and control their projects. We understand how to manage projects effectively without reinventing the wheel.

Optimal Software Solutions, through it's people, processes and tools will successfully deliver your project to meet your exact needs, on time and within budget!

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